Our vision is a community where seniors remain actively involved, respected and vital members of their community.

The mission of Sun City Community Assistance Network is to connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.

The Sun City Community Assistance Network (Sun City CAN – formerly the Sun City Taxpayers Association), is a volunteer organization.  Sun City CAN acts on behalf of the community and surrounding area.  In recent years we have shifted our focus from matters affecting utility rates, taxes and legislation to connecting people with resources.

  • We provide assistance to disabled persons and low income seniors in meeting their basic needs and maintaining an independent life style.
  • We are supported by sponsorships and private donations. Sponsorship in the Sun City CAN is voluntary with annual contributions at various levels.

The Sun City Community Assistance Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and is approved as a Qualified Charitable Organization for purposes of the Arizona tax credit.  We are a member of the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce covering the Northwest Valley.